Thank you letter to a DOCTOR

Doctors are those people we turn to when a health problem affects us. We often see them only once, but if the disease requires follow-up, these professionals become commonplace in our lives and are present in the worst moments of our health.

On other occasions we end up owing our lives and I think there is nothing more important than this to be thankful for. That is why in this article I want to give you the guidelines you must follow to write a Thank You Letter to a Doctor.

Sample Thank You Letters to a Doctor

Medicine is one of the noblest professions that exists, so it is important to show gratitude with small details that can fill the soul. For this reason we present two examples of thank you letters to a doctor, so you can express your appreciation in a simple and touching way.

Example number 1

Caracas, December 11, 2019

Mr. Doctor José León

Receive our most cordial and affectionate greetings, from Maria Concepcion camacho, your most grateful patient, and all my family. This is issued to you thank-you letter to you Dr. Jose Leon, for carrying out, a week ago, the surgical intervention successfully. which was made for treat sinusitis problem, which had given me many inconveniences.

We not only want to thank the efficiency of your work, which is evidenced in the excellent results of the intervention and the treatment provided by you. But also, we want to thank the human quality that he demonstrated with his close and professional treatment. In addition to offering the best equipment and personnel in the Hospital "Jose Cabrera" to carry out this great work.

We want to insist on our total gratitude for each of the moments where he guided us and encouraged us to continue with the process, giving us the necessary information and confidence. Always showing his most sensitive and understanding side, surprising us with his prestige and knowledge.

For this reason, his patient María Concepción Camacho and his entire family will be forever grateful and hope that he will maintain the quality that characterizes him so much.

Very thankful:

Maria Concepcion Camacho

Example number 2

Bogota, April 19, 2019

Mr. Doctor Francisco Ramírez

on behalf of my daughter Miracles Nunez, who was his patient for fourteen months in a row, and from his parents we want to send you the following thank-you letter to the Dr. Francisco Ramirez. Who has done an excellent job through extensive treatment and surgical intervention to treat multiple Bone Tumors. Which has resulted in the progressive improvement of our little girl.

Our gratitude covers each of the actions that he carried out to carry out the healing of Miracles Nunez. Both the necessary instruments provided by the Clinic "Mother Teresa of Calcutta", such as the support of your team, nurses and administrative staff. We thank you for each of the times you try to encourage us, encouraging us to continue this arduous battle. Showing us the human quality that he demonstrated with his closeness and accompaniment, as well as his prestige.

We insist on expressing our most sincere gratitude for working hard to achieve what was impossible for some. For this reason, his patient milagros nunez and his family wish him an excellent life and hope that he continues to demonstrate the greatness of his work.

Very thankful:

Juan Antonio Nunez (Patient's father)

Guidelines for writing a thank you letter to a doctor

Start with the header

start the letter with a Dear Doctor or Appreciable Doctor and phrases like this, spell your title right.

Be detailed

Write down the details of what this person has done for you that has earned your admiration and respect. Don't fall for the classic praise clichés by saying that he is great or wonderful, instead focus on his accomplishments with you that make him a relevant person in your life.

Talk about your past situation

Refer to the state you were in before the doctor's intervention and compare it with what you experience now. It must be clear that you have achieved advantages that have improved your life, that they have changed it completely and that what you felt before is something that you never want to suffer again.

Thanks for the patience

In the event that your situation is one of those that requires follow-up, thank your doctor for his patience throughout the time he was treating you. It is important because you highlight one of the qualities that are most appreciated in this profession where dedication is everything.

Remember a particular job or situation

In the event that your doctor has had to work under pressure, you should mention it as a victory, these people work in highly stressful environments because patients place their lives in their hands and there is no greater emotional burden than this. Use concrete examples that make you make this statement, how did he behave with you?

Highlight your positive personality traits

If your doctor has treated you on several occasions, I'm sure you know positive traits of his personality, kindness, compassion, optimism and empathy, this is just to cite a few examples, the one who truly knows this in depth is you.

don't be servile

This person deserves your recognition and your recommendation but without being servile, do not worship him as if he were a God. It may help to share your letter with a friend and ask them at the end if they are very flattering.

In case you're a stranger

If the particularities that led you to this situation were something unique and your doctor only participated quickly in the event, he deserves to know you better. You must describe yourself including details of your life such as your age, where you were born, the type of person you are and your profession. If you have a family, appreciate the doctor's work, including the benefits that this brought to your family.

I hope this article has helped you and if you have any questions or suggestions leave them in a comment.

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  1. Sample Thank You Letters to a Doctor
    1. Example number 1
    2. Example number 2
  2. Guidelines for writing a thank you letter to a doctor
    1. Start with the header
    2. Be detailed
    3. Talk about your past situation
    4. Thanks for the patience
    5. Remember a particular job or situation
    6. Highlight your positive personality traits
    7. don't be servile
    8. In case you're a stranger

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