Letters to the DIRECTOR of the school: Example models

Letters can be quite a complicated thing to write, since they depend on many things, such as the relationship we have with a person and the position of the person. In this case we talk about the Letters to the principal of the school.

Many times, and believe it or not, we will have to go to the director of our son's school for some reason and the best to avoid them occupying their agenda with an appointment or you must ask for permission from work, is that we try as much as possible to write a letter that explains all our thoughts.

A director is a high-ranking person, he is like the boss of your company, to whom we owe address us with great respect and with a lot of education, even if we have a friendly relationship with that person, as we are sending letters to the school director to his workplace and for work reasons, we must communicate with great respect.

Keep in mind that it is important that we follow some rules in this type of letter, such as the headings, the title, the text where we will explain the topic to be discussed and the closing of the letter that must have our name and surname, as well as our signature.

Letters to the director of a school

Format of the letters to the Director of the school

1-. Date:This is the first thing you should write in the letters to the direct from the school, this can be located on either of the two sides of the sheet, but the left side is recommended. Next to this you must place the city from where you are sending the letter and you must not include the day of the week.

2-. Header:This is what follows after the date, in this section you must write to whom the letter is addressed, the name and position, it is recommended that it conclude with the word PRESENT.

3-. Greeting:It is important to greet politely and always formally.

4-. Introduction:This will be the first paragraph of the letter, here we must express what will have a better context in the other paragraph.

5-. Body:The development of the letter, the number of paragraphs you require to express what you need. A formal letter should not be extensive, but the information should be perfectly written.

6-. Farewell:As a farewell you must place a small paragraph in the letters to the school principal, where the idea of ​​the same will be explained again and it will close with a few kind and cordial words.

7-. Signature:An important point when writing the letter is that the sender, that is, you, must identify yourself with your full name and must offer relevant information, such as your position within the school. In some cases, it will require you to place your identity number, in addition to your name, surname and signature; if so, a wet seal may be requested.

Sample letters to the Director of the school

With the models that we will show you below, you will be able to get an idea of ​​the format of the letters to the director of the school, this will help you to formulate your own document and express all the ideas you need.

Sample Letter 1

Madrid, April 5, 2020

Mr. Luis Martinez
Director of the Almazán European School


Dear Mr. Director,

I am writing to you on this occasion as the parent representative of Alejandro Díaz, a student in the second grade A, in order to request your formal authorization to plan the end-of-year party. This will be held in the recreation room on July 20 of the current year.

As every year, we want the children to create friendly ties both with their classmates and with their teachers, the representative commissioners will take care of making all the preparations and collecting money for all expenses.

Hoping to have your support and your authorization, she says goodbye cordially and always grateful for all your support.

Diana Castilian,

Course President.

Sample Letter 2

Santiago, March 2, 2019

Dear Director,

We are writing to you on this occasion to thank you for the opportunity you have given us to be part of this work team. We are very happy that we are in this wonderful school, because of the teachers, the education provided by the center and its facilities. We also want to recognize one specific thing.

We want to thank you for the great effort you have made by sending our students to the literature course. The activities that have arisen since then have helped us a lot to bring the material up to date and to practice new activities with the students.

Lastly, we say goodbye to you, thanking you once again for the opportunity and the effort you have made with the 2nd grade course, and it goes without saying that you continue to do the excellent work you do for this institution that appreciates you very much.

I cordially say goodbye,

Professor Ana Lara

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