Responsive letter to work: Examples to copy

There are different types of responsive letter and also different formats, but the function of this letter is basically the same. A common example, may be the case in which a minor intends to work, the responsive letter will serve as a legal document where the issuer, in this case the parents or guardians, ASSUME legal responsibility.

Since, according to the law, a minor cannot have decision-making capacity for that type of matter. Through a responsive letter, parents or guardians will acknowledge and authorize, as well as take responsibility for it.

Format to write a job responsive letter

The letter, in general, should begin with the date and the place, preferably placed in the upper right corner. In the upper left part you must indicate who the letter is addressed to, if you do not know precisely, you can put "To whom it may concern".

Subsequently, the body of the letter is drafted, then it will be explained how:

It is important that the letter ends with a word such as "sincerely", preceding the name and signature of the issuer, in addition to basic contact information, such as email and telephone number. Attached to the letter, there must be a copy of the signer's identification and the documents required for each case.

The body of the responsive letter to work

The first paragraph of the letter should be introductory, that is, it should state from the beginning what is the intention with which the letter is written, we suggest phrases such as:

  • I hereby certify that I give my consent to work...
  • Through this letter, I request understanding and support to facilitate employment...
  • Use this means to express my consent that my son is going to apply for a job...
  • Through this letter, you recorded that it is my will, that my daughter...
  • Through this means I manifest my will...

It is important that after the name of the interested party, their age is included.

Subsequently, the development can be written where more details will be given than what is announced at the beginning, to continue, phrases such as:

  • Due to the aforementioned situation,
  • For the above,
  • For this reason,
  • In addition, ...

To close the letter, you can write a simple farewell, using one of the following phrases at the end:

  • Without further ado, I am at your service.
  • Without further ado, for now, I say goodbye to you.

Example of responsive letter to work

Ciudad Juárez September 20, 2022

Dr. Urbino Capachos

Urgent Pharmacy S.A de C.V


I hereby express my full consent that my daughter María Laura Costello, who is 16 years old, is applying for a job in your prestigious company, for which I ask you to consider her for the position.

For this reason, I inform you that I assume full responsibility, with respect to any situation that may arise, in addition to this, I assume the responsibility that the minor works.

Below, you will find attached my home address and my identity card.

Without another particular, I say goodbye and I remain at your service.



Laura Maria Poplar

The big ranch, Ciudad Juárez

0104 312

Example 2

Receive a cordial greeting. By means of this letter, I, Pedrito Pérez, bearer of identity document number 3, certify that I am fully aware, and of my relationship with the minor, who carries identity document number 4, and is 17 years old. years. You have applied for a job at your company. In consequence of the aforementioned, I kindly ask you to consider your application.

I certify that I am fully aware of your desire to work for your company, and I take responsibility for any situation that may arise while working for it.

Next, I attach my identity and relationship documents, in addition to the requested requirements.

Without further ado, I thank you for your attention and I place myself at your service.


Name and surname.


Telephone number and address.

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