Letters to offer services: 100% effective to get clients!

so that the letters for offer services to be very effective must go straight to the point and what our potential client may need. The first thing you should build in your letters to offer services is a powerful and attractive header, your service offer letter must have a clear and immediate benefit for the people who are receiving it.

You should use words such as you or your, so that you can make it clear that the needs of your potential client come first and that you do not want to sell them something. We will give you some sample service offer letters to help inspire you and use it as a template for your own. But we will also give you some tips so you can learn how you should write it and all the features it should have.

Letters to offer services

How to write it

1-. Don't promise a prize or reward for the customer's time or attention.

2-. Forget tender beginnings, you should start by explaining what is there for that person.

3-. Email can be very effective, but the best way to contact is with traditional mail,

4-. Before you start writing a letter offering your services you should analyze and segment customers according to their characteristics.

5-. Service offer letters are a way to do direct and personalized marketing.

6-. Don't use brochures, almost no one reads or keeps them.

7-. That your letter is addressed to each of the clients, as well as thebusiness cover letters.

8-. Offers services that are directly related to the customer problemsas well as its challenges.

Sample letters to offer services

The sample letters to offer services that we will show you below are a simple guide so that you can Create a letter that suits your needs, these must be personalized and elaborated according to the characteristics of your business.

sample letter 1

Barcelona, ​​April 5, 2020

Recipient's name

Address where you work or live

city, state and country

Postal Code


I am contacting you for the purposes of presenting my advisory services for investors interested in the ___________ sector, especially in the city of _____ and more than anything in the _______ area, a market that does not stop growing and attracts many high-ranking businessmen. purchasing power, who soon become excellent customers.

My objective is to allow you to make your investment independently, without the need to place money in another company, but in your own, either by creating a company or buying an existing one, which can operate as a promoter throughout the national territory.

It is important to note that you can make your investment anywhere in the country, but especially in the city of ______. It is precisely in this city where I have good contacts, since it is my place of residence and I am perfectly familiar with its geography, its people and its potential investors.

You should know that one of my main characteristics is the flexibility to carry out your business contemplating all your needs and requirements.

Attached you will find a detailed business proposal, which will allow you to appreciate the advantages and convenience that this country currently offers to set up your business.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the services that I can offer you, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly coordinate a personal or telephone interview.



Contact information

sample letter 2

Dear Misters.:

We are very pleased to write to you to offer you our services (computer science, advisory, consulting, accounting, among others). We have been working in this professional field for 10 years with extraordinary results.

Our professionals are fully qualified and trained in the disciplines (whatever your business is in) which guarantees the quality of our work.

Attached we send you, without any commitment on your part, documentation regarding our company, the activity we carry out and other information that may be of interest to you.

Hoping that the information is of interest to you, we cordially greet you,


"Full name"



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