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He Receipt of payment It is undoubtedly one of the most used documents in economic transactions that are carried out between two legal or natural figures, where it is always important to receive proof of payment.

In this article we are going to take care of giving you all the information you may need about Payment Receipts, so that you can have all the information you need about them.

What is the Payment Receipt?

The Payment Receipt is a document that is used to be able to leave a record of an economic transaction, which is done when the two parties that have specified it (who pays and who receives the payment).

This receipt has the main function of leave physical and written proof of the payment that has been made when buying a product or contracting a service. The truth is that it is a fairly common document.

Structure of a Payment Receipt

The Payment Receipt is quite simple to do, although it must have useful and specific information so that it can be considered valid.

This is the structure that a payment receipt must follow in order to be considered valid:

1.- Header

It is really important that at the beginning of this type of document the fact that it is a document is indicated. Receipt of payment.

2.- Number

When the payment being made will not be unique and will be made in parts, It is very important that it is indicated that the payment is being made by parties, being able to indicate “payment #1 of 3 payments”. This will make it clear that there was still a value to pay.

3.- Concept

In this part of the document you have to specify the reason for which the payment is being made. That is to say, what product or service is being paid for with this payment receipt.

4.- Payer

In this section of the receipt are the data of the person who is paying for a specific concept. Generally, "receipt of" or "received" is written before adding the payer's data.

Keep in mind that, if it is the case of a legal figure, then it is very important to add the name of the representative or the name of the company or trade name.

5.- Amount

The amount, as you may be imagining, refers to the amount that has been paid. To avoid any kind of confusion, the amount has to be expressed both in words and in number to avoid any kind of confusion.

6.- Date

The date on which the payment for the service or product has been made must be specified.

7.- Who receives

Finally, you have to add the personal or legal information of the person who has made the payment and is receiving the Payment Receipt. Generally, the data must be accompanied by the signature of the person who has received the payment.

receipt of payment

Points to take into account when making a Payment Receipt

As we have mentioned before, it is not a very complicated document to carry out, in addition to taking into account the structure that we have highlighted above, it should be even easier.

However, it is highly recommended to follow a series of very practical and useful tips that can be very useful when making this type of receipt.

  • It is especially recommended to pay attention to the data of both parties involved. Remember that it serves as a physical proof that a product or service has been paid for, so this has to be expressed correctly.
  • When it comes to a divided payment, each of these must have its own receipt, having to be identified with its own number. In this way, confusion can be avoided for both parties.
  • In the case of split payments, each of the payments must receive its own Payment Receipt and each of them must be well identified with its own number. In this way, confusion can be avoided for both parties regarding the debt that is owed.
  • The last recommendation that is made must be a faithful and exact copy of the original, or that two originals be printed. Both the person who gives the receipt and the person who receives it has the right to have a copy as a form of proof of the transaction that has been carried out.

When can a Payment Receipt be used?

Generally, the Payment Receipt is used by the self-employed when they carry out work for clients professionally. In other words, a writer, a programmer or an artist can use this type of document to Confirm that they have received payment from each customer.

Likewise, the Payment Receipt is usually used in cases in which a person has to leave a written receipt in an economic transaction that has been carried out between two figures.

The truth is that it serves as a way of recording that the product or service has been delivered and that payment has been made in whole or in part. In this way, greater security can be achieved for both parties.

Sample payment receipt letter

Now we are going to take care of highlighting these examples of payment receipt:


Date: September 21, 2021
Folio number: XXX

I received from: _______ (NAME) _______ The amount of: _________ $XX (XX dollars) _______ For the concept of: ______ services and work of ______

Receipt of conformity.

business manager

As you can see, the payment receipt is really simple and you should not have any major complications when you are printing one in your business. You can download and save the template to have it ready in any case where it is needed.

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  1. What is the Payment Receipt?
  2. Structure of a Payment Receipt
    1. 1.- Header
    2. 2.- Number
    3. 3.- Concept
    4. 4.- Payer
    5. 5.- Amount
    6. 6.- Date
    7. 7.- Who receives
  3. Points to take into account when making a Payment Receipt
  4. When can a Payment Receipt be used?
  5. Sample payment receipt letter

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