Example of discharge letter

Let's see how we can properly write the contract termination before the contract is formalized or legal action so that we can try to terminate the contract without having to enforce its conditions to the end.

It involves sending a letter to terminate the contract, and the latter requires an authorization letter to terminate its execution or breach the contract. Therefore, the addressee will be the person who originally signed it, the employer, the judge who drew up the minutes of the meeting, or the partner who signed the agreement... etc.

Parts of the discharge letter

  1. The title with your name and address and personal information in the upper left corner.
  2. Next, in the lower right part, the name of the recipient of the dismissal letter, and his position or position.
  3. An explanatory paragraph, in which the reason for the request for termination of the contract is disclosed, mentioning the date and specific data of the request.
  4. Thanks in advance and wait for the answer.
  5. official farewell
  6. signature

Example of discharge letter for traffic ticket

When we want to protect our rights, the following disclaimer is necessary, and there is no fault for the fine or because we think the penalty is excessive.

On his honor, Judge ______:

I, Miguel Pérez, DNI 3992992, address is Calle ____ in the town of ________ in Buenos Aires, declare:

In March 2019 ____, I was relieved due to violation No. ______ due to not adjusting according to the facts, and I requested cancellation for the following reasons:

The officer did not provide the witness's first and last name.

The materials used for speed measurement are not certified in order and require regular adjustments and calibrations, so in my case, the equipment may be wrong.

I did not obtain a copy of the violation nor was I informed of my right to appeal.

For all this, I request: Taking into account the cancellation proposal in a legal time and manner, declare the infringement null and complete the action initiated in the document.

Miguel Perez (company)

Example of job discharge letter

International Labor Organization.

Gentlemen: Mr. Andrés Palomares López (Andrés Palomares López) is the manager of Reciclare, a company dedicated to recycling canned tuna. The company is located on Recoletos street in Medellín and appeared in VI at the Labor Inspectorate In the minutes of the meeting drawn up on March 22, 2019,

Exposure: Reference records indicate that one of my workers performed the job without safety equipment, especially without safety glasses. This can only be recorded due to an explanation error, since what really happened was the following: The worker Miguel Lomas from time to time left his safety glasses at the ticket office and received them in the time elapsed between the request for new glasses and buying new glasses. He met with his inspector.

To prove this match, I have attached security camera footage and the application documents for the new glasses. For all of the above, and taking into account the corresponding appeal regulations: That is, if the defense brief is presented in a timely and adequate manner, it can be accepted that the reasons set forth in it are valid, so they will not be imposed. sanctions for the facts indicated in the file.

In Medellín on March 23, 2019.

(Signature of the urger)

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