DONATION request letter

In the event that you lack financing for a social work or a project that helps people in your community, a good solution is to carry out a DONATION Request Letter to an organization with the resources to get your idea off the ground.

But for this it is necessary to know the correct way to ask for it, so in this article I want to give you the guidelines that you must follow so that your letter is successful, among others.

Sample Donation Request Letters

Donation request letter

April 1, 2020

Leonel Sanchez

President of Los Robles Recreational Organization

Recipient: Dear Mr. Miguel Torres.

General Director of Abastos Millenium

Through this communication I am writing to you on behalf of the Los Robles Recreational Organization, a civil association that for more than ten years has provided basic education and social-community work in the most disadvantaged communities in the El Verde sector of the Sucre municipality in Miranda state. The policy directed by this organization is to promote and encourage the different values ​​and cultural aspects of the region and the country to strengthen the educational system.

Knowing that the company you run has always collaborated with the lowest-income social groups in the state and the region, through charitable campaigns, the institution sends you this letter with the aim of cordially requesting a financial donation for the development of educational activities.

The donation we require will be allocated to the provision of educational materials such as the purchase of notebooks, books, pencils and other supplies necessary for the children to satisfactorily develop school activities. In addition, the money that you provide from your company will help the student groups pass the educational period that will culminate in the next 2 months.

I thank you in advance for all the attention, collaboration and consideration that you can offer to our institution.



Leonel Sanchez

President of Los Robles Recreational Organization

model 2

Date: April 02, 2020

Sender: Carlos Alvarado

Destination: University Hospital of Lara

Dear: University Hospital of Lara

currently my son Jose Alvarado He is hospitalized in this health center. He urgently requires a kidney transplant, which according to the medical specialists treating the case, must be done in the next 30 days.

My family does not have the large sum of money that this kind of surgery demands, therefore, we appeal to the sense of humanity that integrates the spirit to save lives of this institution, to request financial support with the aim of obtaining and performing a kidney transplant, which would mean saving my son's life.

We hope for a positive response from the hospital as soon as possible, due to the urgency of my son's critical health condition.

Grateful for the attention offered to read and attend to my request and I say goodbye with a cordial greeting.



Carlos Alvarado


General Guidelines for Obtaining Donations

Find an organization to sponsor you

There are many non-profit organizations that can help you get the money you need: churches, foundations, businesses and government entities to name a few examples. Look for the entity that can be most identified with your request, for this you can personally visit the organization and look for records that are similar to your request.

You can also visit the organization's website if it has one and find out about the steps to follow.

Define what the donation is needed for

This needs to be made clear from the outset in this sample letter, it is not only asking for money but also making the person who reads the letter understand the donation need. You must set an amount to request.

Include some personal information in the Letter

You must write the letter professionally so you cannot miss the description of your skills, degree you have and studies, this will be an added bonus so that the reader pays attention to the request.

Investigate the correct steps to make your request

Avoid spending work twice by making a letter that does not comply with what the organization stipulates. An incomplete request or one that demonstrates a lack of investigation is very likely not to be honored.

Contact Information in the Donation Request Letter

It is necessary that you include in the letter all your contact details so they can notify you if your application is approved, phone numbers, blog, Facebook page, home address and email.

State the problem with a story

Unlike other people, you can stand out by showing the problem that led you to request the donation in the form of a story that catches the reader and can feel identified with your problem.

Specify the type of donation

In case you are looking for more than one type of donation this should be clear as well, you may need clothing, volunteer time or food.

show gratitude

ends showing gratitude for the time the reader has invested to read the letter and for the possible donation. In case you require a donation from an organization that has already helped you, you should not forget to also thank for this.

Final tips:

  • If your letter is successful, you need to be prepared to answer some questions regarding the use of funds. You should describe the program in detail so that your goals and objectives are clear from the start.
  • If you write the letter on a computer, include a personal signature in your own handwriting at the end.
  • Follow the postal regulations of the country you are in.

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  1. Sample Donation Request Letters
    1. model 2
  2. General Guidelines for Obtaining Donations
    1. Find an organization to sponsor you
    2. Define what the donation is needed for
    3. Include some personal information in the Letter
    4. Investigate the correct steps to make your request
    5. Contact Information in the Donation Request Letter
    6. State the problem with a story
    7. Specify the type of donation
    8. show gratitude
  3. Final tips:

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