Opinion letter What is it? example and structure

Opinion letters are open letters and can be displayed in various places, publishers or sites generally evaluate whether they can be displayed. That is, they analyze priorities and whether their readers will give relevance or not. When they are published, they can generate both positive and negative repercussions., and thus, take action on the above.
It should be noted that there are not always drawbacks since they can also be notes in favor of someone from the television media or a politician that society decides to highlight for their actions.

When these letters are written It is recommended that they be short, that what you want to express is a very clear and convincing specific point. The phrases that are used should be simple and not make long paragraphs that are likely to cover too many topics. You must go to the idea from the beginning and not wait for the closing, unlike other letters or essays.

What are opinion letters and what is their function?

Opinion letters, also known as open letters, are publications that a person makes for a newspaper, magazine or internet exposing their position on a specific topic or claim. They have emerged in societies to expose specific issues. In general, these types of letters are made to seek attention from the public or the community about a certain content or problem that is not being understood by the authorities.

In addition to developing the situation that the author wants, You must state how you think that in your opinion you improve or act in that aspect. The language must be clear, avoid using technical words since these notes are read by many people and not all of them know their meaning. Its writing must be in the active voice (the individual performs the action of the verb while the complement receives it) since its use makes it easier and leaves a clear text without doubts for the readers.

Parts and structure of opinion letters

Opinion letters are made up like this:

  1. In all types of letters, as an initial form, it is greeted. Depending on the trust or hierarchy of the receiver, you can do it in a certain way with an appropriate language since, no matter how informal it may be, you must always maintain good language.
  2. Introduction. In one or two paragraphs you must explain what is going to be discussed and for whom it is directed. Here is the topic to be addressed.
  3. This is where the writer raises his criticism or comment with a little more breadth, but never leave the central theme exposed.
  4. Conclusion. In this part, the letter is closed, where it makes clear its position and what it wants and expects to receive from the person who receives it or from whom it is addressed.
  5. For cordiality it is recommended to make a farewell greeting. Even more so if the greeting was made at the beginning of the letter. For example, you can say "My regards" or "Best regards".
  6. Date, place and signature. The date and place that was published must be put under the signature with clarification of the author of the letter. Also, the date and place can be placed at the top of the note, before the title and at the end of the signature.

Example, model or format of an opinion letter

Here I will leave an example so that you can see how each indication is transferred.

Opinion letter on environmental pollution

Dear Minister of Health,

Pollution is a very big problem that we face, which does not improve but quite the opposite. According to the WHO, environmental pollution generates seven million deaths a year, results in the extinction of many animals, causes health problems, damages our planet and seems not to be enough for urgent measures to be taken. I see that measures are only taken when there are weather alerts that are triggered by the pollution that many people produce every year.

When people go on vacation to the beach, they leave a lot of waste on the sand and in the water. When traveling in vehicles they throw garbage out the window, and in the short or long term it falls into the water gutters and covers them. They spray paint the mountains and stones. They throw cigarettes where they want. There are no recycling habits. Tons of oil and thousands of chemicals in the water. Aquatic animals die from consuming plastic that was thrown into the water. Hunting of endangered animals to sell their skin. Cars that waste a lot of fuel, thus emitting a lot of black gas into the air. The air pollution that exists at such a level is far-fetched.

As a wish and suggestion, I would love for urgent measures to be taken in this situation because it affects the health of all the inhabitants of the country and the world. Regardless of age or economic position. I suggest water purification, fines and possible arrests to all the people who do not throw their garbage in baskets. I suggest an initiative to recycle plastics, glass, cardboard and all biodegradable material. I demand education for all people and that they reflect. I demand a check on the vehicles. I demand conscience and health.

In conclusion, Minister of Health, I ask you to analyze my concerns and that you can take measures so that our planet recovers from all the damage it is receiving. If we continue in this way, we are not going to get much. I ask this with all my heart for you and for each one of the inhabitants of the world.

Without further ado, I greet you respectfully.

Micaela Azul Feijoo

Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 31, 2020.

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  1. What are opinion letters and what is their function?
  2. Parts and structure of opinion letters
    1. Opinion letters are made up like this:
  3. Example, model or format of an opinion letter

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