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This is a big step in your life that if fulfilled can change absolutely everything regarding your education and future. Scholarships are offered by different institutions such as universities, colleges, private and public organizations. In other posts have been seen motivation letters or for get erasmus scholarships, this post will focus on the application for generic scholarships.

From the outset what you will need to complete a form in which you must write data regarding your education, financial needs and information about yourself. The Scholarship Request Letter it is something that is often requested as an attachment to other documents and can positively influence your chances of success. This format is also valid for one of the most requested scholarships today, which are the high school scholarships that are delivered to students of upper secondary education and managed by the government of Mexico.

How to write a scholarship request letter?

When making any type of request, the words used and the way of writing them are fundamental elements so that the possibility of approval increases. This is the case of the request for scholarships.
University scholarships can be requested for the different stages of higher education education: bachelor's, postgraduate or master's degree.

Not all require the same point. There are scholarships that are approved by the socioeconomic level of the student, carrying out a survey or study of the family nucleus and verifying that it needs the help of scholarship funds. On the other hand, scholarships are only approved if the student meets a certain average, generally greater than 15 points. In summary, that he demonstrates interest in pursuing his studies through good weighting in his exams.
However, most universities have scholarships that require both aspects.

The scholarship is approved if there is a considerable level of intellect and the student is responsible for maintaining or improving such grades.

Now we will see a sample letter for a study scholarship application undergraduate. Look carefully at the use of words, the idea is not that they see you in need of the help in question, but rather the commitment you have to study and graduate.

Sample scholarship request letter

Gabriel Guitian
Descent, 20, 1° D
28080 – Madrid
Mobile: 91 2561458
Complutense University of Madrid
Vice Chancellor Dr. María Adela Torres
Madrid, April 4, 2020

Dear Dr. Torres:

I am writing to you in order to request, under the guidelines of the Rector's Office, a university scholarship at the Bachelor's level of studies, in more detail, in the career of Letters.

In the last year of high school I obtained the first place regarding academic weighting. I entered the University through an entrance test obtaining one of the highest scores. I am aware of the level of demand that this institution has and the quality of the teaching staff, who emphasize a practical study discipline.

Despite this, I find it difficult to pay for the entire university year. I promise to meet all the requirements to be eligible for scholarship aid.

My transcript (attached file) shows my high grades. I request an opportunity to continue nurturing myself at an educational level and thus complete my studies, offering my knowledge to future generations of Alma Mater and the Nation.
Without further ado, I say goodbye. Grateful for your attention, waiting for the answer as soon as possible.



counter signature here

What parts should a letter have to request a scholarship?

This letter is a document that must be written concisely and clearly. Here I show you other steps that you must follow to be victorious.


Begin by placing the name and address of the scholarship in the upper left area.

First paragraph

In case you do not know the name of the person responsible for attending to the scholarship applications, you should start the letter with one of those phrases made for occasions like this, it is the case of Dear sir and others like that. In this way you start with formality and professionalism.

Then you must write the purpose of the application, which in this case is the request for the scholarship, this must be clear and concise without embellishing it with adjectives or fancy phrases. You should not write too much in this part, 2 short sentences will suffice.

Specify your course of study

Tell the scholarship recipient what your course of study is, what you plan to study, and where you plan to do it. Try not to make it a long paragraph since the reader must be used to this type of information.

What do you want to achieve?

Explain what you want to achieve with this scholarship and it is important that you relate your skills to what you will get in it, your objectives and goals. Express that the path you have been walking is directly applicable to the research of the scholarship, in this way you are hinting that you will produce tangible results. While all applicants promise to work hard, you must make clear the processes by which this hard work will pay off. And just as most students apply for scholarships, some seek to quit, so here's a scholarship resignation letter template.


What makes you unique as an individual is what is really interesting, so you must show interest in the educational institution to which you aspire, making clear the reasons why you have chosen that school to continue your studies.

Write the achievements of some departments of your interest in that center and you can also write about a professor with whom you would like to work. When the acceptance committee sees these details, they will certainly be impressed.

say no to clutter

Although you should write down your life aspirations, talents and abilities, it is important not to confuse this with redundant information, it is important that you do not ramble and add only what makes you look good and is applicable to the scholarship.

Just write safely and follow the line that this article describes for you to succeed. In case you have any questions, just write a comment below.

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  1. How to write a scholarship request letter?
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    1. Start
    2. First paragraph
    3. Specify your course of study
    4. What do you want to achieve?
    5. Personalization
    6. say no to clutter

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