Employment recommendation letter for LAWYER

Lawyers are people who perform their role in the best possible way, however there are times when you have to do something job recommendation letter for a lawyer, whether known or for any other reason. To perform the letter of recommendation The first thing we will have to take into account will be the name of the lawyer, the name of the company and the address. Explain how you met the person and how long ago.

In the second place of the letter you will have to indicate all the strengths of the legal career that you have, give examples of all your qualities, ability to relate to a jury and the reliability of your role.

In another paragraph he positively mentions all personal qualities, the ability to keep information confidential, as well as integrity when it comes to defending a fairly large case.

In the next paragraph of the recommendation letter for the lawyer, you will have to highlight their participation in terms of legal organizations, if they have had several articles in a magazine or newspaper, if they carry out legal advocacy services, etc.

Finally, you will have to finish the letter of recommendation with a fully written paragraph, or what is the same, you will have to include your contribution, indicating that you are sure that it would be a fundamental piece for the company or organization to which you are sending the letter, and Lastly, add that from your point of view it meets the expectations placed on it.

Examples of employment recommendation letters for a lawyer

Model 1: Long letter of recommendation to lawyers

(Issuance City), (Issuance Date)


Through this we are pleased to indicate that the citizen, _______________ (Name of the recommended), holder of the identity document, _______________(ID number), older, civilly skilled, and of __________ status (Single married divorced), by profession Lawyer, college graduate _____________________ (Name of the University), specialized in ________________________ who provided professional services for our organization as ________________________ (Employee / Consultant) from the __/__/___ (Date of admission) until the __/___/____ (Egress date) earning a salary ______ (Monthly / Yearly) of ____________________________. Occupying the position of ________________________, attached to the dependency ______________________ (Address), specifically in the area of ​​___________________.

The Professional showed honesty and absolute adherence to the legislation of his experience, carrying out his activities with complete honesty. Motivated by this, we can attest that he has verifiable knowledge in the area of ​​__________________________ and _________________, these being his areas of labor specialization.

Due to the above, we would like to highly recommend the professional, as a person with documentary and technical comprehensiveness, with high values ​​devoted to justice and with impeccable legal skills, with a vocation for the client. In the same way, he refers to himself as a professional with a high ethical level, compliant with business rules and a precursor of compliance with the conduct manual.

Reference that I issue assuming the Labor, civil and moral responsibility that it represents, under oath of business integrity; knowing that it is an essential requirement to opt for a position within your prestigious organization, therefore I authorize the recipient to make the certifications of authenticity of the same that he deems necessary.

In ______ (City), on the ________ days of the month of ______ of _____(Signature Date).

(Name of the person issuing the recommendation)



(Name and Seal of the Company)

(contact phone numbers)

(Contact E-Mail)

(Company address)

Model 2: Short letter of recommendation

City and date



Through this letter, allow me to offer a


of (Insert title and name of the lawyer), professional specialist in law and duly registered in the Bar Association, under the number (insert registration number). Because he is a professional who has proven to be highly competent in his work and has excellent ethical values. In the time that I have worked with him, he has shown himself to be a professional with an impeccable reputation. Who subscribes:


Lic. or Dr. (Insert name of person)

(insert phone number)

(Insert home address)

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  1. Examples of employment recommendation letters for a lawyer
    1. Model 1: Long letter of recommendation to lawyers
    2. Model 2: Short letter of recommendation

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