Letter of RECOMMENDATION from a Student

There are diversity of recommendation letters, one of them is letter of recommendation from a student, which is prepared by an academic representative of the center where you studied or is studying, who will explain in an orderly, detailed and correct manner everything that happens regarding your level of studies and experience in the center.

The main objective of the letter of recommendation is to highlight both academic and personal aspects, making a dent in all the special qualities as well as all the academic achievements obtained. All this is done with the aim, either to obtain a scholarship, a graduate or any other activity that is related to an academic institution.

The letter of recommendation from a student It is clearly used in academic environments and great results can be achieved with it. That is why its good writing is very important, since it must comply with a format where all the necessary information is provided. So that you can make an excellent letter of recommendation from a student, we present two clear examples of how to write it.

Examples of letters of recommendation to students

Example number 1

Andres Bello Catholic University

E.P. School: “Cecilio Acosta” | Caracas, Municipality |0212-111 54 34 | uepcecilioacosta123@gmail.com

Caracas, January 29, 2020

To whom it May concern:

This letter refers to the student Joan Alejandro Ramirez Gonzales, who vehemently requests power get into in the Andres Bello Catholic University to pursue the degree of Social comunication.

we know the student Joan Ramirez since he entered our Educational Unit from the year 2017. We affirm that he is a great student, taking into account his excellent grades, his very interested participation in class and his exceptional behavior within the College facilities.

Joan Alejandro Ramirez Gonzales He is an exemplary student, so we are sure that he is prepared to study at his prestigious University. Well, it is about a person who has the ability to learn quickly, can solve problems effectively and develops in his life the values ​​of responsibility, respect and companionship. His need to know leads him to carry out great research and very good works that can mean a great contribution to the institution.

For these and many other reasons, we have no hesitation in recommending to student Joan Alejandro Ramírez Gonzales. We are sure that your performance and effort will double what you have been able to demonstrate at our Institution. If you need more information, you can contact us.

Secretary of the U. E. P. School: "Cecilio Acosta"

0212-111 54 34


Director Elvis José Suarez Rodríguez

Example number 2

(Logo of the Institution)

Bogota, March 12, 2019

Admission Department

Open University of Medellin

Medellin Colombia

Appreciated Mr. Mauricio Vega, responsible for admission department.

I am writing to you with the purpose of recommending to Juliet Suarez, who at this time has decided to appeal the application for admission to the studies of Education Mention Philosophybelonging to his department.

I have known the student since the year 2014, when she entered our institution U. E. P. “El Effort” School to carry out the high school studies. In which I witnessed his performance in the development of the classes, where his level of study exceeded expectations satisfactorily.

In addition to his wonderful academic performance, we must highlight the values ​​that identify his human quality. Well the student Juliet Suarez He always showed himself as an honest, persistent, respectful and very responsible person.

Without a doubt, I recommend Juliet Suarez as a candidate for the study of the career of Education Mention Philosophy inside your university.


rosalinda machado

Director of the Institution

Example number 3

Buenos Aires' University

Buenos Aires, April 06, 2020

Letter of recommendation for the student Samuel Nuñez

To whom it may concern:

In this institution I have had the pleasure of having very good groups, but I am writing this letter because I would like to highlight Samuel Nuñez since I have worked with him these three years academically and personally. He is a student who is very committed to my subject and to the rest of the courses, in addition, he is an excellent classmate and very mature.

Over the course of the quarters, he progresses more and more, always maintaining high grades and improving in the subjects that are a little difficult for him. He internalizes a lot in History, Psychology, Sociology and Language. Excellent command of communication with the course and teachers. He was championed and recognized as a good companion among his peers. He has shown solidarity in the face of unfortunate events that colleagues have had to go through, always willing to help at all times. Nuñez has been at this institute after school hours giving private classes to students from other years and from the counter-turn, and even subjects that are not of his favorite ability.

He has good leadership traits and is becoming involved in the Student Center and University Council. At the same time, he is a student who internalizes the subjects, looking for more information, doubts that afflict him, material to work on in class and ideas to work on in class.

I have talked a lot with this young man, I always try to support and encourage him. Even more so on days when one is discouraged. He has a beautiful humble family that gives everything for him. His perseverance, persistence, honest and self-confident is noticeable. There were never any problems, since in the face of unfavorable events it has been involved in the most respectful way and trying to make every person who is part of the institution come to their senses. He even tries to change the look of students with behavior problems.

For these and other reasons, I believe that Samuel Nuñez is in a position to have a full scholarship in his higher education at an international institute. From my position as a teacher and tutor, I want to recommend and support him on this path.

Without other particular, I remain at your disposal to discuss this issue, address it and confirm this matter.


Professor Micaela Azul Feijoo

BA in History

Buenos Aires' University

Phone +54 011 1123456789

E-mail: insertoaqui@gmail.com

Final considerations on letters of recommendation to students

In the letter you can demonstrate various facts, such as studies, difficulty in certain subjects, topics you studied, general notes, specific notes, exhibitions, if you have received any prize, references from the professors who taught you, etc.

In turn, finally, certain types of information will also be added to your person, such as behavior in class, if you received any written or verbal reprimand, unjustified absences and any other note that is of special interest, such as adaptation to new stages in your educational center, as an example, the transition from E.S.O to Baccalaureate. Everything will serve to make the student's letter of recommendation.

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