Sample letters of recommendation CURRICULUM

In order for us to access a job, we must always bear in mind that there are various ways, one of them is the recommendation letter from a resume, but to do it correctly you have to follow some points. We will present them to you below.

First of all, we will start with the first paragraph of the recommendation letter, which will explain the connection between you and the person to whom you are recommended, including how you know them, and why you think they are qualified for the requested job position.

Example letter of recommendation for a resume

(city), March 7, 2020


Receive a cordial greeting. By means of the present I am pleased to inform that I know by sight, treatment and communication to the Attorney Jose Alberto Osorio Guzman, bearer of personal identification xxxxxx, and I can certify your high personal and work qualities.

Mr. Jose Alberto Osorio Guzman has worked in the Red Design Agency for a period of three (3) years, performing the position of Creative director. During this time, his development in the Creative Content department generated a lot of satisfaction.

This excellent worker has various qualities that serve for his great job performance. He is committed, passionate, punctual, respectful, responsible, has initiative and always puts his best effort to achieve any challenge that he sets for himself.

In the same way, I can confirm your high ethical values, honesty and loyalty that are reflected in your daily work.

He responds positively to any high-pressure situation that arises, his relationship with his work environment, in the case of his co-workers, is one of maximum unity and a lot of collaboration. He knows how to listen and follow instructions.

During his tenure at the company, he assumed leadership for a large part of the time, transmitting his knowledge to the team. In order for the company to continue to develop effectively.

Contributed to the professional growth of the staff, facilitating the courses of "Management Marketing", "Design and Brand Strategies" and "Promotion and Sales". This helped to enhance the creativity of the staff, obtaining a positive result.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience in the advertising field, he contributed great ideas for the structure of the agency and the fulfillment of the annual goals of the entire organization. It has an easy interaction with people and this generated different agreements and beneficial alloys for the company.

It is important to note that the Graduate Jose Alberto Osorio Guzman He made the decision to retire from the company for strictly personal reasons.

Without a doubt, this publicist has different capacities that meet the profile that any company wants. Show affinity for this creative industry and put into practice each of its tools to work as a team.

Due to the above, citizen Osorio is highly recommended to any company that requires his labor service. I can assure you that it will be a fundamental piece in any organization.

With nothing more to contribute, and hoping that this reference will be of great help in your selection process, I say goodbye.


(Name and surname)

(Phone number)

Other considerations for the letter of recommendation

In the second paragraph of the resume recommendation, all possible information about the person you recommend will come into play, be it because of their high degree of qualification, the way in which they could help the company, their studies, their experience, etc. It is very important that you use everything you know about her, always speaking positively, of course.

Finally, in the third paragraph, the letter will have to include all possible information about the skills of the person in question, it is always good to have a Curriculum Vitae of the other person at hand to attach it along with this letter, in theory you can add more points than if you only handed over 1.

As soon as you put all this, you will close the letter of recommendation Hoping that the company will answer you in the best possible way. The letter of recommendation always accompanies the resume, such as the resume of a teacher or of a lawyer.

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