House RENT letter template

A rental letter It is the method by which an individual requests to rent an apartment or a house. This is a document in which the tenant sets the standards and prices to be paid monthly. It is also an excellent way to protect the deposit that has been made by the person who rents the house or apartment, below we will show you an example of a letter to rent a house. Remember that you can change everything you consider necessary since depending on the country or the style of house that you were going to rent, this contract must be adjusted.

house for rent

By this means I: ___________________ of legal age and bearer of the ID/ID number: _________________ I state that I will be renting the house number: ___________ to Mr.: _________________ Bearer of the ID/DNI number: _________________, reaching the agreement that payments must be made be done at the end of each month on the date: _________________.

For the rent of said house, a guarantee deposit will be requested in the amount of: _____________ which will be returned at the end of the rent by the tenant, before making said refund it is necessary to inspect the house this to reiterate that everything is as originally delivered.

On the part of the tenant, a line is opened so that he can inspect the house together with the owner, so that any anomaly that could be the cause of a collection or reduction of deposit at the end of the contract or rent in said house can be noted.

Day, date and time of revision: __________________ Anomalies found: __________________________________________________-

In accordance with the contract, we proceed to form it, making it clear that the damaged information is and will be sufficient for both parties and that in the event of adding a policy there must be an addendum since this contract cannot be modified by any party.

Remember that you can always add or delete words or lines to this contract, so that it suits your needs.

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