Example of rental guarantee letter

In the article that we proceed to write below, we intend to show you how to create one rent guarantee letter Totally correct, without forgetting small details, or important details that anyone can overlook.

Apart from this, to say that it is a type of letter that, by changing a few small details, can already have another use without being a simple rental guarantee.

rent guarantee letter

We proceed to write you an example of it, introducing small tags into it that will contain explanations and clarifications that may be of your total interest.

Sample letter to write (you can make variations)


  • Information of the person who writes the letter (Notary):
  • Address and important information:
  • Details of the person to whom the letter is addressed:
  • Address and important information:

By means of this document, Mr. (Name of the notary who legally accredits the writing that is being carried out) with DNI (Whoever is applicable) and with legal address at (Appropriate data) guarantees to (Data of the person who will to receive the letter, with DNI (proceeds) in the lease with (Name of the person who made the previous contract) with DNI (Proceeds), for the rental previously signed by legal contract.

This Guarantee is granted for compliance with each and every one of the Contract clauses, damage caused to the property delivered for its good use to the Tenant or any debt resulting from the lease.

This guarantee in favor of (Name of the person who made the contract), is irrevocable during the term of the occupation and will subsist until the property is formally vacated and returned to the owner without any pending payment.

The present (data of the notary) waives the right of exclusion, submitting to the competent jurisdiction for the city of (data of the city in which the act proceeds, of the contract and the guarantee).


(Notary, Name and ID)

We hope we have helped you with your work or at least have managed to make it a little easier with this rental guarantee letter format that we present to you.

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  1. Sample letter to write (you can make variations)

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