Estimate or quotation letter

It is normal for companies that provide services or that sell products to receive a request for a quote. In order to provide a written response, a letter is usually sent budget or quotation letter. This will answer the doubts about the budget that the client may have in a clearer and more formal way.

In this article we are going to take care of giving you all the information you may need about the budget or quotation letter so that you do not have any more doubts about it.

What is an estimate or quotation letter?

It's kind of commercial document which is usually used by companies or businesses when responding to a quote request made by a customer, whether commercial or natural, about the services or products that are provided.

The letter does not really go around much, since it only expresses in a precise way the response to the request, detailing prices in a table and giving relevant information about the products or services that are provided.

budget of a work

Structure of a quotation or budget letter

Letters of this type usually have a specific purpose to inform about the prices that have been requested by a client. That is why, as you may be imagining, it must have specific data that is useful to provide the information correctly.

This is the structure of an estimate or quote letter:

1.- Date and city

These are two important pieces of information, since it is normal for prices change over time or from one city to another. That is why these two pieces of information always have to be presented at the beginning of the letter.

2.- Recipient

In this case, they must add customer data, which is usually a natural person or another company. If it is a company, you must write the name of the company and the data of the person you have contacted to request the budget letter, that is, the person to whom the response is being addressed.

3.- Body

When we start with the body you can add a short and friendly greeting in which the client is told that the letter is the response to a previously made request, being able to add the date on which the request was made.

Now we will have to proceed to detail the requested budget, something that is usually done in a detailed table within the body of the letter. Also, this may depend on the type of products or services being quoted.

Details about prices, deliveries and all matters that are relevant during the purchase of the product or contracting the service must also be added.

4.- Farewell

At the end of the quote you have to add a formal farewell in which we appreciate your preference, in addition to the fact that it can also be used to offer some type of benefit, if it is considered appropriate.

5.- Signature

The letter must be signed with the personal data and with the signature of the person who is representing the company, as well as the position they have in it.

Quotation letter template or example

Montevideo, September 15, 2021

Martin peralta.

Quotation Letter

Dear client, we are pleased to answer the request made on July 19. Next we present you with the current budget of the requested products.

  • 980 smooth 8" rods: $39,000
  • 400 smooth 6" rods: $22,000
  • 30kg of wire: $2100
  • 300 20kg bags of cement: $35.00

Prices valid until October 30. Delivery is made to your home at no extra cost.

We are waiting for you in any of our branches.

We appreciate your trust.

Asencio hardware store.

louis gomez


Points to take into account when making a budget or quotation letter

These are some of the points that we believe you should take into account when you are writing a budget or quotation letter:

  • As it is a commercial communication, this may end up affecting our relationship with the potential client, so it must be be very careful with the quality of writing.
  • they have to add customer data correctly, paying attention to all the little details to make sure there is no confusion about it.
  • It's very important correctly add date in which the budget request was received, something that helps the client to be clear about what budget is being delivered.
  • Some of the details related to prices of products or services they always have to be double checked to make sure the actual budget is being added. It will look very bad if you get any of the prices wrong and this creates confusion for the customer.
  • also have to be added inherent data about the possible purchase. These data can be as a period of validity of the prices that have been indicated in the letter; as well as details about the means of payment and minimum purchases, which may correspond to deliveries of merchandise and the provision of the service. It is considered to offer some type of benefit or discount, this data must also be placed.
  • You must remember that the quote or budget letter It must always show exact and correct data that can build the client's confidence and thus encourage him to make the purchase or contract.

In which cases is an estimate or quote letter used?

As we have already mentioned, the quotation letters are made as a response to a request that was previously received. When a potential customer contacts the business or company to request a quote on our services or products.

It is in these cases that the budget letters are really useful. When the budget request detailing what the client needs has been received, we can write the budget letter to be able to answer your questions in a written, simple and clear way.

Currently you can download templates, you can even find templates for budget letters in Excel, so you shouldn't have any problems writing it correctly and in a short time.

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    4. 4.- Farewell
    5. 5.- Signature
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  4. Points to take into account when making a budget or quotation letter
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