Responsive letter What is it? Examples and formats of letters

On multiple occasions we may need to have or request an express authorization for the handling or use of an asset. Such is the case of a vehicle or car that it is not our property and we must make use of it. In these situations, given the risks involved in driving the vehicle, civil, economic and criminal. An authorization for use is usually not enough in front of the authorities. This based on the property title, since it involves the owner in any event.

Organizations or owners in general choose to deliver a responsive letter. It is a detailed document of the delivery date of the goods, in this case the vehicle. Where conditions of use are specified, such as hours, area to transit, type of use, among others that the owner considers. The letter must, through a brief explanation of the reason for use, give an explanation of its origin.

In this order of ideas, the letter clearly establishes the context of use and situation of its issuance. Leaving for granted the acceptance of both parties (owner and user) of the terms described there. This document must be clear and comprehensible for any reader. Since it can be requested by a third party with powers in traffic, citizenship or criminal for review. Below is a example of a responsive letter:

Example - Format Responsive letter for a car

The following example of a letter is aimed at a car, for use in a vehicle, purchase-sale or license plate process, but the structure in all responsive letters is the same, so this example of a responsive letter can be adapted to others uses, such as for a job or computer equipment.

(Issuance City), (Issuance Date)

To whom it may concern

I hereby, _______________ (

Name of the Owner / holder / Owner), holder of the identity document, ________________(ID number), as stated in Annex "A", civilly competent, of legal age and as legal representative and/or owner of thecar ________________(Vehicle brand), of the year __________(vehicle year), color ____________(specify vehicle color), according to the record in Annex “B”. I proceed in this act to deliver the vehicle to the citizen (Name of the Responsible / Driver), holder of the document, ________________ (ID number), as stated in Annex "C", civilly competent, of legal age and with a driving license according to the transit document issued by the corresponding government entity Annex "D".

The following delivery is made on a temporary basis motivated by the fact that the aforementioned citizen fulfills the functions of, ______________________ (

Specify the functions / Tasks / Activities for which the vehicle will be used), which is why it is imperative that you use it during business hours.job between __:__:__ and __:__:__, making tours in the area of ​​___________________( Specify area or territory of travel, which can extend nationwide), carrying out the transport of __________________________ (It details if you can move merchandise and / or passengers), not being able to move under any circumstances, ________________________(It details what type of merchandise or objects cannot be moved, for example, "explosive material" ), except for issuance in writing, specific and momentary in the exclusive case of emergency and agreed between the parties, dated after the signing of this document.

From this moment the citizen, ___________________________, (

Name of the Responsible / Driver) previously identified as responsible, undertakes to take care of thecar assigned, keeping it in the optimal conditions in which it was received, and stating that there are no physical or operational details, at the time of its return. Being able to undergo review prior to receipt by the owner.

Likewise, the citizen, ___________________________, (

Name of the Responsible / Driver) previously identified as responsible, will be solely responsible for its use, for which it undertakes to respond to any civil, administrative, criminal or transit situation that arises during its responsibility.

On the other hand, it is stated that the

car remains the property of the citizen, _______________ ( Name of the Owner / holder / Owner), and that this document does not replace in any way the title of ownership of the vehicle and is temporary in scope.

Finally, and this

car It must be delivered in a period of less than twenty-four (24) hours if the owner requests it.

Liability agreement read, accepted and signed by the parties, in ______

(City), on the ________ days of the month of ______ of _____ (Signature Date).

Owner's Name:

Identification document:


Right Thumb Print:

Owner's Name:

Identification document:


Right Thumb Print:

In it

example visualized, the contextualization of the delivery of a good is observed, in this case a car . Through a responsive letter, where the actors or participants are mentioned, explaining precisely the reason. It is important to know each of the annexes of the letter as an integral part of it. Therefore, a brief description is given:Annex "A": Copy of identity document, Owner.

  • Annex “B”: Copy of Title Deed.
  • Annex "C": Copy of the identity document, responsible.
  • Annex "D": Copy of driver's license, responsible.
  • It is a priority that these documents form an integral part of the responsive letter. Since despite filling out the document, the validity of the signature and documents in the authorization can be verified. At the same time, it lets you see the relevant data that you want to highlight and that are not mentioned in the document. Two copies of this document must be issued with printed annexes and wet signatures. They can also be kept with copies in extension documents “ PDF in digital.

Situations in which it is recommended to deliver a responsive letter:

It is recommended to write in word format, go to PDF, print, deliver and sign a document that authorizes and holds someone accountable. This is basically done in the activities of job , where a person in charge is needed to deliver accounts at the end of the activity. It can also occur when the person in charge has high-cost materials or furniture for the organization. Such as:

Assignment vehicular for:

  1. Courier work.
  2. Delivery or receipt of merchandise.
  3. Personal transportation.
  4. Executive Maintenance.

Mapping Tools:

  1. electronics
  2. Personal protection.
  3. Construction equipment.


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  1. Example - Format Responsive letter for a car
  2. Situations in which it is recommended to deliver a responsive letter:

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