Thank you letter to a FRIEND

A thank you letter to a friend It is written differently than a letter to a relative and even a letter to a friend but for a different reason. You can write the letter because you haven't seen it for a long time or it can be a letter that you write to a friend in another country.

These are the rules that you must follow so that your message reaches successfully and touches the fibers of this important person for you.

Models and example of letters to friends

The writing of a thank you letter to a friend It can be done for any reason, so it is necessary to have a valid format with which a good letter can be made. In this sense, we present two examples of thank you letter to a friend for you to do an excellent writing.

Example number 1

much appreciated friend Daniela:

In my life I have had the pleasure of meeting great people who, in one way or another, have left a great mark on my heart. I can say that within all those shared stories, there are very few people who have managed to make a big impact on my life. Well, being able to get along with someone to the point of sharing the deepest secrets of my being can be classified as one of the most difficult tasks that can exist.

However, even if it is a mission with many obstacles, it is not impossible and you proved that to me, my dear. friend Daniela. You have become an indispensable companion that can be counted on at all times. Being able to brighten my saddest hours or understand my most complicated problems. You have come into my life as the air reaches my lungs, because although it was imperceptible, little by little I realized that your presence is necessary for my days.

Gradually you became the best friend she could have, until she became the sister she always wanted. For this reason, at this moment, I dedicate these words to you and I am writing this thank-you letter to express how important you are to me. I also want to promise that no matter the circumstances or the distance, you will be able to count on my sincere friendship and my brotherhood of heart.

With sincere affection, you faithful friend Madeline.

Example number 2

For me good friend christina:

In this moment of great joy I have decided to write you this thank-you letter To you, my greatest and most faithful friend. Your company and perseverance have been extremely important to me, as you have helped me in many ways to achieve this desired goal. Your support and dedication have been my main inspiration to finish my degree project. With your advice and knowledge I have been able to cement everything I needed to be able to say today that I have been able to finish my university degree.

Dear ChristinaThank you for being present throughout the process, both in simple moments and those in which despair and overwhelm reigned. You were always willing to lend your helping hand, without expecting any reward and that's what true friends do. I will never be able to forget your great brotherly service and I will be in debt for the rest of my life.

I express my most sincere affection and gratitude, your faithful friend Monica.

Tips and structure of a letter to an unconditional friend

Start the letter with a heading

This is in case the favor has been really big, in this way your friend will be able to know when the letter was written and from where you are sending it. Put the current date and below the address so that I have where to answer you. In the event that you move to another address soon, you must let them know.


The second is to greet the person in question, the most common is to start with a Dear followed by her name. The salutation should be written on the left side of the letter just below the date.

Body of the letter

The letter must be divide into paragraphs where each one is the consequence of an idea that you want to communicate. Since this is a thank you letter, it is necessary that you let your friend know the benefits you have obtained with her help, this should be the first thing to mention.

Then you can continue with other important events in your life such as news from work, how school is going or news from the family.

letter writing

Must be flat and natural, after all it is for your close friend, pay more attention to having a friendly tone than to the wording of the letter. Refer to the fact that brought you together with this friend, a past story that you both share and that is just the two of you, link this to the current moment, for example, "If I hadn't met you that day, then today I wouldn't be able to thank you for what you did." What have you done for me?


you can choose between close with a joke or something more formal extending thanks. Although the letter is informal, this does not mean that you should close abruptly. There are many common phrases that you can use without fear of ending badly: I hope to hear from you soon, Sincerely. sincerely etc Immediately afterwards you can write your name or perhaps some affectionate way that the two of you refer to each other. Maybe you can also end up with something related to the birthday of your friend or some important event, for example, on your birthday I will be sending you a surprise or something like that, depending on the relationship.

Use pencil and paper

Nothing says this is from the heart like a letter written in your handwritingThis shows the effort you put into writing it. If you want you can write it in advance on the computer to correct spelling errors and then write it by hand. This is a difference with a letter of thanks to a doctor, For example.

Do not miss the opportunity to remind your friend how important she is to you, how much the favor she has given you means and how you will never forget it. Thank you for your attention and I look forward to your opinions on this article.

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  1. Models and example of letters to friends
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  2. Tips and structure of a letter to an unconditional friend
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    2. Greeting
    3. Body of the letter
    4. letter writing
    5. Closing
    6. Use pencil and paper

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