Example of a product guarantee letter

Next, we will briefly explain how the letters of guarantee of a product. In it they will be able to see the data that is exposed in itself, at the same time that they will be able to know how to create a letter of this type.

We will proceed to this by exposing a sample letter, with small explanatory tags to clarify any doubts that may arise. We hope with this that they learn to create this type of letter, analyze it, and even allow learning to understand them for real cases that can occur in real life. Thus avoiding the arrival of fraudulent guarantees and others.

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Sample letter – note that it could have variations


The company (the data of the company that is offering the guarantee of the product that we have purchased will be written) guarantees its products during (time that the article's guarantee lasts) directly with the factory.

This guarantee corresponds to the purchase made with an invoice or purchase ticket duly endorsed.

Regulators of (name of the company) will only support the parts that were damaged or with erroneous operation at the expense of the company itself, of origin, and that have not been produced by improper and erroneous use of the device.

This guarantee has no value in the event that the failure is produced by natural causes as well as lightning or humidity, connection errors and false contacts.

In the event that it is necessary to fix the purchased item, the replacement may be made in the store where the product was previously purchased, presenting the purchase receipt or invoice. If this is not the case or the warranty period has passed, the replacement will be made directly at the factory or at authorized centers.
The mission of (Company Name) is the mutual satisfaction of customers and vendors.


(Name of the company. NIF)

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  1. Sample letter – note that it could have variations

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