How to write a letter of guarantee

When you sell or purchase a product, a letter of guarantee is the means by which a certificate is delivered that the product sold will have protection and quality will be regulated within a certain time. Normally, the guarantees will depend on the value of the item in the event that you buy a vehicle said guarantee will apply up to 5 years.

The guarantees in the means by which the client and the seller ensure that the product is of optimum quality in this article we will provide you with a sample letter of guarantee For a person who has bought a refrigerator in this way, the university has a clearer understanding of how these documents work so that you can modify this document depending on your needs or the product you are selling.

guarantee letter

Example of article guarantee letter




By this means the company: __________________ grants a valid guarantee for 3 years to Mr. (a):__________________________ this due to the purchase of the article: _____________________ brand: _______________ It is important to highlight that said guarantee applies during the 3 years, it is the responsibility of the buyer to let the company know of any anomaly in the purchased product.

The guarantee will be void in the event that a third person, in the event that the security labels are removed or in the event that the item has been inspected or repaired by someone other than one of the company's technicians. The guarantee is void in the event that the damage to the product is due to mishandling or inadequate maintenance.

Making known the rules in which the guarantees apply, the buyer understands and accepts said rules, making everything clear and exercising the guarantee from the day of purchase:

___________________________ ___________________________

Seller buyer

Remember that you can add or remove lines to this contract according to your needs at the time of sale.

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