SERVICE Guarantee: Sample Letter

the letters of service guarantee are a document that is delivered to the customer after completing a contracted service in this letter specifies the guarantee of the work that was carried out and the valid time for the guarantee It is important to specify in the guarantees which are the factors for which the guarantee applies and the factors for which the guarantee does not apply.

service guarantee service

Besides policies must be specified so that the guarantee be supported by the company, for example, in the case that you repair a computer, the guarantee must require the user that no one else can open the computer while it has the guarantee, if someone tries to repair it and is not authorized by the company, the client would automatically lose the guarantee Here is an example of a service guarantee letter.

By this means the company: ________________ grants the guarantee number:___________ to Mr.:_________________ for the repair of:___________________ This repair was carried out on the day:__________ of the year:_____________. The guarantee is valid in months of: _________ after said time, the client understands and accepts that the repairs are carried out at his own expense.

In order for the guarantee to be effective, the client must comply with the following points, otherwise the guarantee would be voided as we cannot guarantee the work of a third party.

  • Point 1: The guarantee does not apply if someone outside the company tries to repair the product.
  • Point 2: The guarantee does not apply if the damage is caused deliberately or intentionally.
  • Point 3: The customer must leave the item at our repair location, we do not do home inspections.

Having said the following, the guarantee agreement between the company and our client mentioned above is signed. Any questions can be made to the following telephone number: ___________________

Company: _______________________ Client: _____________________

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