JOB Guarantee: Sample Letter

The guarantee of work is similar to the guarantee for a service unlike that kind of guarantee They occur when a customer brings a product that they have not purchased in our store which needs to be repaired. From this recovery we must extend a guarantee for work done.

You must specify the day, date, in addition to specifying the work that was done to the product, you must also specify the expiration date and the factors that may void the warranty Below we show you an example of a job guarantee. Remember that you can edit the model of the letter at your convenience.

guarantee letter for a job

Example of a guarantee letter for a job

I: ____________________ extend a guarantee on the work done to Mr.: ________________ the work consisted of: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ to which is attached a guarantee for the following number of months: ________.

The client understands and accepts that the guarantee could be annulled in the following cases:

  • Case 1:_______________
  • Case 2:_______________
  • Case 3:_______________

The guarantee has the number: ____________________ and expires on the day: ______ of the month: __________ of the year: __________ at the time: __________. The guarantee could have some changes, for this it is necessary to notify the client and create an addendum in which it is specified if there was any change in the guarantee rules or in the case that the guarantee had been extended.

Having said this, we proceed to extend the guarantee, for the work carried out to Mr.: ________________ the repaired object was in optimal conditions, but it is important to take into account that a failure could occur and the guarantee would be covering said work carried out.

Manager Signature: _____________ Customer Signature: ____________

Note: Remember that this letter can be edited depending on your needs, this letter is just an example of how to make a letter of

Guarantee of a WORK.

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