Example of a service guarantee letter

Next, we will briefly explain how to proceed to create one guarantee letter of a service, so that, apart from learning how to create one of them, you can also appreciate what appears in them, thus allowing you to know what it is, why they give it to us, and what it is for.

For this we will proceed to write a model of this letter with brief explanatory paragraphs in which we will clarify small details that must be taken into account when write this type of letter, and details that we as customers should not go unnoticed.

service guarantee letter

With that, we get down to business with the following letter and hope to give you a hand when it comes to writing legal letters.

Sample letter of guarantee for a service

Details of the company that grants the guarantee:

NIF if applicable:

Company address:

Important and relevant information about it:

By this means the company (Name of the company that writes this letter) grants the guarantee number (Appropriate guarantee number) to Mr./Mrs. (Name of the person who receives the guarantee. This guarantee is valid for (Estimated time that the service guarantee lasts), and after this time the customer understands and accepts that the repairs are at his own expense.

For the guarantee to be effective, the customer must meet the points awarded when purchasing the service, otherwise the guarantee would be void.

Having said all of the above, the client and the company proceed to sign the aforementioned guarantee agreement, and for any questions you can contact the company with the telephone number: (Company contact number).

Company signature:

Client's signature:

Having done all this, we end the service guarantee letter and with this we hope we have helped you create and understand this type of commercial letters.

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  1. Sample letter of guarantee for a service

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