FAMILY Letter of Recommendation

A family recommendation letter It can be used for multiple purposes, but one of the most accepted and in which it is implemented the most is when entering a labor or student sector. It is important that this letter be prepared in a formal way since, due to the above mentioned, it is of very bad appearance send a letter that does not meet the standards of spelling or writing, then we will show you a recommendation letter example familiar.

recommendation to a family

sample letter


Directed to:

Dear Sir/Madam: ________________________ My name is: ______________ ID holder: ______________________. By this means I would like to make the recommendation of the gentleman: ___________________________ who maintains a relationship with me as: _________________, this is a respectful and honest person as well as being very studious, in addition to being a person who excels for being hardworking and not having vices.

I appreciate all the help that can be given in the request that this person has made before you, in the same way if you have any questions, you can contact me by E-mail: _______________________________________ or by phone at: _________________________ It will be a great pleasure for me provide you with all the information regarding this person and the recommendation that I am extending through this face.

Kind regards: __________________________________________

Remember that the most important thing when making a letter of this nature is to know exactly the name of the person to whom it will reach, in this way not to make a mistake with said name since this can take away the credibility and professionalism of the letter, in addition to being will question the seriousness of the person who is making the recommendation, on the other hand make sure to implement the necessary lines in addition to the letter, since this is an example and it is not the style of letter that should be used in all cases .

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