PROFESSIONAL Recommendation Letter

Professional recommendation letter: If you are looking for the necessary information to write a professional recommendation letter You have just hit the exact point, because below we will explain what are the parts that you will have to follow to have a perfectly written letter.

A professional recommendation letter is a format very effective, they are always attached with the Resume, and have the sole purpose of providing information, both work and personal.

Examples of professional recommendation letters

Model 1: Professional employment recommendation

Caracas, 04/07/2020

To whom it May concern

Receive a cordial greeting from Empresas Engel S.A.

This is to make public knowledge that Lic. Pedro Pérez, identification document No. 123456, has worked in our organization in the position of head of unit, for 10 years, with a high level of work ethic.

He has proven to be an excellent professional, with impeccable behavior and great responsibility. He has also stood out for the impeccable coordination of his work team, demonstrating his academic and practical abilities. We recommend him as a professional committed to his work, responsible and eager to train and update his knowledge.

In his position as head of unit, he has shown great competence, being recognized multiple times. Several vital projects for the company were successfully completed. For these reasons, I suggest that you consider this recommendation with the confidence that you will always rise to the challenges and responsibilities assigned to you.

Without more than anything to refer to and, waiting for your high consideration on this letter, to be taken into account, I leave my contact number for any information of interest.



Engelberth Rye. SEO of Engel S.A.

Model 2: Professional recommendation for master's degree

Caracas 04/07/2020

Mr. Pablo Perez. Admissions Evaluation Committee.

Postgraduate Coordination of the Faculty of Humanities and Education

Central University of Venezuela

It is our honor to present this writing, recommending María Aguilar, in the Geotechnologies Development and Application program. I have known Maria for several years for six years, standing out in the academic and professional field.

She was admitted to our company as an undergraduate intern after having excellent academic records and after a rigorous selection process.

In our company, he worked as an intern for six months, demonstrating tremendous motivation to achieve excellence. His effort and dedication have been noticed by his colleagues and bosses.

He has participated in various projects, and has even managed to coordinate two of them, with satisfactory results. Also, it is their custom to update their knowledge in various fields. He has great pedagogical abilities when sharing and training the other team members in his work team.

Her keen intelligence, commitment, charisma, and social sensitivity are the essential qualities of María, for this reason, we recommend her to be part of your program. I assure you that they will be pleased to have her as a student.



Engelberth Rye. SEO of Engel S.A.

Tips for writing the professional recommendation letter

First of all you will have to organize the letter in 4 parts, in the foreground the identification, then a clear and concise context, a part dedicated to the recommendation and finally a closing or final.
In turn, the following data must also appear:

On the one hand the name of all the people involved, or what is the same, on the one hand the name of the person who recommends and on the other the name of the recommended person.

Then we will go to the description area, a first contact between both parties.

The characteristics always have to be positive, otherwise it is useless. You have to recommend correctly and always from within your work environment, although sometimes personal qualities are used that could help the person get the desired job.

Finally, before closing professional recommendation letter, add the basic contact information, from the landline, mobile, email, etc.

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  1. Examples of professional recommendation letters
    1. Model 1: Professional employment recommendation
    2. Model 2: Professional recommendation for master's degree
  2. Tips for writing the professional recommendation letter

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