Letters of resignation to a cooperative

The letters of resignation to a cooperative They have to be done in an orderly and concise way, otherwise it can create confusion for the issuing party and it cannot be canceled correctly.

However, here we will help you create a letter of resignation to a cooperative, you will only have to look point by point as it is written so that later you can take the template and do as many as you want.

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Next we will give you a clear example how it should be written:

Example of letter of resignation to cooperative

October 1, 2012

HR Technical Director H H.

Dear Mr XXXX,
I hereby present to you and to the cooperative my total resignation, in order to better suit my interests, I had been performing a function in the company under your worthy position, with which I am suspending my professional relationship as of today, December 1. October 2012.

For all legal purposes that may occur and under the terms of "Articles 33 of the Labor Law" I hereby state that I am not owed any salary, bonus, compensation or vacation, for which My resignation records any payment due.

I fully appreciate your attention and all the support you gave me during the time that I was presenting all my services to XXXX XXX XXX S.L.

Your name.

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  1. Example of letter of resignation to cooperative

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