INSURANCE resignation letter model

This type of insurance resignation letters It has a main objective, to completely annul the agreement or contract that existed between the user and the insurance company.

In said letter, it must be explained in a clear and concise way what all our personal data is, simply so that we can be unsubscribed. Likewise we can also add all the reasons why we love each other cancel the insurer.

Next we leave you a insurance resignation letter template, so you can get ideas or even take it as a template.

Sample insurance resignation letter

Madrid on June 10, 2012
Avd. Concha Espina Nº29


Madrid Spain
To whom it may concern:
Through the present, I XXX XXXX XXXXX with identity document n° XXXXXX X, of Spanish nationality, with current address at Avd. Concha Espina N° 29, Madrid- Spain, wish to terminate our XXXXX insurance with this entity insurance carrier.
The contract document with this company at the beginning of May 3, 2003 and is valid until May 3, 2015, for this purpose I provide you with my affiliation data. Contract number: XXXXXXX and user code no. XXXXXXXXX.
I want to detail that this cancellation of the life insurance has personal reasons and I wish to be canceled before August 31, 2012. If you need any other type of documents or data, do not do more than provide them to me as soon as possible.

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