Job resignation letter

When you create a job resignation letter to one company, for example, it can be done in various ways, however the most common way that exists is in a voluntary, a form at no cost to both parties, neither employer nor issuer of the resignation letter.

They can be done in various ways voluntary resignation However, so that it fits you perfectly and stays in a correct way with the employer, follow the following points that we detail, you will be able to do it quickly and very easily.

Next we will show you a example so you can see it much more detailed.

Example of job resignation letter

For the human resources manager

to December 8, 2003.

Dear Mr. David XXX XXXX:

I am writing this letter to put on record that I want to resign from my job at the company XXXX XXX XXXX.
My resignation is for personal/work reasons, and has no relationship with your company, since during these years I have been treated in an excellent way.
During all the time that I worked here, the treatment was very adequate, as I have previously stated, both with my colleagues and with my boss, and I have increased both my experience and all my knowledge in the sector.
I wish you success in the future and that the person who comes to occupy my position does the same or even better than me.

A tender greeting
(And here you put your signature)

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