Voluntary resignation letter template

quit a job It is not an easy task, especially if you still do not have anything "in sight" for after leaving the job, but many times it is necessary to progress economically or social status. If you already have another guaranteed job, everything changes, because you can resign knowing that another salary, surely better, awaits you.

Even more difficult in all this is to go to the boss to present the resignation letter And don't take it the wrong way, if possible, because it's always good to look good so that you can leave your number on other resumes if a reference is needed for a future job.

In this sense, the letter should highlight the importance of the current job for your growth, the gratitude you have towards your boss for the opportunity he has given you and the trust he has placed in you.

A simple model of voluntary resignation letter would be the following:

Sample voluntary resignation letter

Madrid, November 15, 2013

Dear Julio Alonso:

I am hereby writing to thank you for all that your company has provided for my personal and professional growth, but the time has come for me to establish myself with my own company and I want to open my own path. It is for this reason that I hereby make explicit my will to resign from this job.

From already, thank you very much for your comprehension.

He greets you attentively.

Jose Rodriguez Escobar.

As seen in the previous model of letter of resignation You don't need to write many lines, just show your gratitude to your employer and make it clear the reason for the letter: the resignation.

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