Letters of resignation to INHERITANCE

If you want to know how to make a letter of resignation to an inheritance Before you have to know a few things that surely interest you.

In the first place, in order to reject an inheritance, the beneficiary has to declare his total will not to be the heir, and therefore he has to manifest it, not assuming the hereditary assets that would correspond to him.
Any resignation must always be express, it necessarily has to be done before a notary who certifies it or by writing in court.

The renunciation of the inheritance it has to be a total waiver, we cannot waive only a part, also a waiver is invalid when it is done before the death of the person who leaves the inheritance.
The inheritance is distributed among all the people who have agreed to be heirs, this action is called the right to increase.

The person who resigns must have a free disposal of all their assets, however, if at the time of making a resignation the resigning person is a minor or has a certain degree of disability, the legal guardian of said person must request an authorization to the court is mandatory, which will determine if the legal guardian can resign on behalf of both the minor and the incapacitated person.

Examples of inheritance resignation letters

There is a document that indicates that the inheritance is being renounced, as long as the beneficiary does so at his own will. Being aware of the consequences of carrying out this process. That is why at the time of making this decision, the end or purpose will be not to receive the hereditary assets that corresponded to him. For this process to be executed, it is essential to prepare a resignation document by means of a letter. Below you will find the following examples of an inheritance resignation letter

Example 1

Waiver of inheritance before a civil court

By means of the present, the undersigned "Ángel Rodríguez Ballestero", who as indicated to receive a two-hectare farm, I am the heir of my deceased father "Julio César Pérez" and I come to state the following:

Of my own free will and with my consent, being aware of the consequences that this document produces, I waive my rights as heir to all the assets assigned to me by my late father. So that in this way they are transferred to the name of my sister "Adriana González López", this being a decision made by me and with the purpose that the rights according to law do not correspond to me, they are fully delivered to my older sister.

In accordance with the above, I carefully request.

First: have me as presented in a timely manner in accordance with the law.

Second: grant what is written above in favor of my sister "Adriana González López"

I protest what is necessary


Example 2

Waiver of inheritance before the notary

Public Notary No. 43211 in Buenos Aires

Going to the offices of the public notary No. 43211 of this city, I Henry Rodríguez Vivas, public notary No. 43211 of this city, declare the following:

Mr. Amadeo Beltrán Escalante presents a will which should remain in the name of the two brothers "Amadeo Beltrán Escalante" and "María Rosales Angarita" where he is assigned a house of 6500 square meters, which has all its services. He makes his resignation before this document under his own right and is aware of the effects that this document may produce, ceding the inheritance and all the rights found in this document in favor of his sister "María Rosales Angarita".

Based on the corresponding law, I am a witness of what was done.

Mr. Henry Rodríguez Vivas


Amadeo Beltrán Escalante María Rosales Angarita


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