Resignation letter to union

Sometimes there comes a moment in life that after so long in any company or union it is time to resign to it, or what is the same, create a letter of resignation from the union.

Sometimes it can be difficult and frustrating, and even more so without knowing what we should put or how we should act, even if things are done well and it is done voluntarily for any reason, be it work, personal, etc. There should be no problem and in a matter of a few days have the resignation letter accepted and ready to unsubscribe. In order to make a resignation, you need a union resignation letter and here you will find a simple and clear example.

union resignation

Below we will explain what you must fill out and send to your union so that you can unsubscribe without any problem.

Sample letter of resignation from a union 1

To the attention of the UNION (And here put his name) .......

Dear Sirs:

By means of the following letter, I inform you that for personal reasons and/or force majeure, I am presenting to you my IRREVOCABLE RESIGNATION, as a member of the Union (And here you put the name of the Union) ...... ......

Hoping you take note of the above.

Say goodbye very CAREFULLY,

And here your signature.

sample letter 2

To: Union Company

Dear gentlemen:

By means of the following letter, I inform you that for personal reasons I present to you my IRREVOCABLE RESIGNATION as a member of the Union of this company. For this reason, I request that you leave me out of any list of discounts or associates as of this date.

Says goodbye very carefully to you,

Worker Name:___________________________________


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