Example letters of resignation SCHOLARSHIP

The scholarships They are granted depending on the studies that someone is studying, whether they are lower levels or higher levels, but once you apply for a Scholarship there is no turning back and it will be granted if you meet the minimum requirements for it.

However, many people embark on an adventure to try, and then see that they can hardly continue with their studies, either because they have found a job opportunity or that they are finally not going to carry out said studies. Likewise, they have created scholarship resignation letters, in which you have to fill in the form that we will leave you below and send it by mail to the ministry of education of the country in which you are.

It is something simple, since you only have to fill it in with your information, once they receive it, it will be automatically canceled and you will be exempt from continuing with that scholarship that you previously requested.

Format of letter to resign a scholarship

________________________________________________________ with DNI/NIF______________________ named as a scholarship holder of the research project number ____________________, whose main researcher is _____________________________________________________________, I hereby notify that I renounce the continuation of the scholarship that I am enjoying, my last day being _______ of ________________________ 2013.

Which I inform for the appropriate purposes.

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  1. Format of letter to resign a scholarship

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