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If you are looking for the best way to create a voluntary resignation letter You have just arrived at the right place, because below we will give you and explain all the steps you must follow so that your letter is clear and concise for the recipient, and you can leave a door open in case you decide to return in the future.

Structure of the voluntary resignation letter

First of all, a general thank you has to appear for having been selected in said company when they hired you at the beginning.

In the second paragraph, the sender has to remind the recipient of the letter of having been selected in other selection processes, to record from the outset what are the reasons for his voluntary resignation, as well as adding what position he has agreed to.

In the third paragraph you have to record that the job offered is resigned in its entirety, so that they know and can unsubscribe you.

In the penultimate paragraph, thank you in every possible way for having been selected, as well as for the treatment received so far in the company, which is through voluntary resignation.

And finally a cordial and kind farewell. Something clear and simple so that they see that you do not hold any kind of grudge and thus earn points if you wish to re-enter the company in the future.

Examples of letters of voluntary resignation to a job

Below are several sample letters to unsubscribe from a job or job position. They are examples and should be modified according to your situation, but the structure is generally the same.

Example 1

Venezuela, Barquisimeto

On the 12th day of January 2020

Yogi Supermarkets

72nd street with Venezuela avenue

Martha Mejias

Human Resources Representative

Through this statement I state that I, Jose Miguel Torrealba, with identification number CI 12,111,099, I have made the decision to completely terminate the employment relationship that I have in this company, resigning under my voluntary decision to the position of Accounting analyst where I worked from the day July 12, 2008 and that for personal reasons I leave from the day January 30, 2020.

I am completely grateful for the confidence and security that the company offered me by giving me numerous job opportunities since I started the first day, I recognize the work of my direct supervisor Frank Antonio Ospina and to all my colleagues who taught me, since I started in this prestigious company in the Production and Distribution Department, all the recommendations and requirements that contributed to my professional and personal growth.

I am fully available to teach all the necessary knowledge to the new personnel who occupy the position that I am leaving today for the next 18 days remaining from the notice period established in the Labor Law.

I hope that the company continues to offer the best job opportunities to new talents and that growth and success accompany each department and workers that are part of it.



Jose Miguel Torrealba

Accounting analyst

CI: 12,111,099

Example 2

Valencia, Venezuela, on March 10, 2020

university bookstore

Miguel Sanchez

General Director of Human Resources

Reason for the letter: sick leave

Dear Sirs.

By means of the present, I, Antonella Ruiz with identification number CI 20,099,248I express to you the personal decision of voluntary resignation in the company Bookshop university, being the last day of labor activity the March 30, 2020, complying with the established period of notice established by the collective agreement of the National Law for the Protection of Workers.

I request the pertinent documentation of my labor activity developed in the company for the date that I retire from the position.

I appreciate the attention and collaboration provided during the time of service that I performed in the labor area, which provided me with great requirements in the personal and professional field.

I am fully available for any requirement you may have on my part.



Antonella Ruiz


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