Sample letter of resignation from managerial position

If you are looking for the best way to writing a letter of resignation from a managerial position You will have to know that before all you have to sit down to analyze all the details, and be very clear that the letter has to be brief, without having too many elements, as it would be a bit difficult to read, explaining concisely why we have made the decision to resign, and not forget to thank at all times the boss or management position that has allowed us to work in said establishment, finally a cordial farewell.

Next we will give you a type of sample resignation letter sample a managerial position as a base, so that you can take a template and you can do it yourself.

Example of resignation letter linked to the management of a company

Manuel Gonzalez Isidro
Av. Reina Palomares, 8
Madrid Spain

of my special consideration

I am writing this letter to record my irrevocable resignation from the position that I have been holding since April 3, 2004 in your company. The reason is not for something specific, but for personal reasons.

I want to thank the responsibility given to me, as well as the collaboration of all my co-workers during my tenure in the company. At the same time, I would appreciate instructing the person concerned, please consider Monday, May 14, 2013 as my resignation date.

I appreciate all the trust placed in me, without any other particular, you say goodbye very cordially.


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  1. Example of resignation letter linked to the management of a company

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