Justified LABOR DISMISSAL letter

When firing an employee for a justified reason, several points must be taken into account, regardless of whether they have committed a violation of the company rules or you are simply making cuts, it is necessary that the letter has the formality and seriousness of the situation.

Examples of Justified Labor Dismissal letters

Is a job dismissal letter really required?, according to the laws of each country and the different companies, at the moment of ceasing any type of relationship with a worker, it is necessary to present a letter of Justified Labor Dismissal. Firing a worker without this letter is considered unfair dismissal, which can be a problem for the owner of the company.

Sample Letter 1

Mr. or Mrs (full name of worker, in bold)

Position employed by the worker

City, address and company name

Subject: Justified Dismissal Letter

This document is addressed to you to notify you that as of today (or date you will stop working for the company) The decision has been made that any employment relationship will be terminated and your contract with our company is closed. This is due to the violation of different rules, which was evidenced on the day (Date) (Explain in detail the breach of the rules and the actions that led to the dismissal), which was evidenced by our work team through (security cameras, among other elements).

Through the established (establish legal norms or any type of regulation on dismissal) We appreciate your greatest collaboration in the delivery of all the elements that were made available to you on your first day of work. We want to thank you for the time you spent as part of our work team, the payment of your compensation will be respectively settled on the day and time legally set for it.

Without further ado, he says goodbye:

(Your full name)

(Position or position that governs in the company)

Sample Letter 2

City and date of completion of the charter

Your full name and position in the company (Bold)

Mr. or Mrs (Full name of worker):

We regret having to notify you that from the day (Date) you are laid off and will not be allowed to work for our company anymore.

The reasons that led to this delicate decision are due to his repeated absences from work or being late for it without any justification. His faults were made on specific days (Attach any type of document or proof that demonstrates the lack).

These various misdemeanors are seen as just and reasonable cause for dismissal. (Laws and regulations that indicate the faults that lead to a job dismissal). Within a period established by law (Number of days) You can attend to withdraw the settlement of your balance.

Without further ado, sincerely:

(Your full name)

Name of your superior (If there is one).

Tips for writing a Justified LABOR DISMISSAL Letter:

  • Rate non-compliance: First you must assess that the violation committed by the worker is cause of dismissal Well, if everything was a minor breach that does not harm the company, it can be used to appeal against you before a union court. The greatest indicators of indiscipline are verbal offenses, unexcused absences, alcoholism, etc. In these cases, one is in all the conditions of make a disciplinary dismissal.
  • The first words are important: Start the letter by referring to the worker as Dear, in this way the approach with the employee is more personal.
  • State the reasons: in the letter The reasons for the dismissal of the worker must appear in the first instance for which you have to describe the facts that are considered a breach of the rules of conduct or the employment contract. In this way you achieve that the worker has complete knowledge of the magnitude of his fault.
  • Includes data in chronological order: It is important that specify what the circumstances were in which the events occurred with details such as the date, the place, the time and the people who were present when the event occurred.
  • Date of effects: You must include the date in the letter of the effects, that is, from what moment the dismissal will become effective, in this way you notify the worker about the expiration period that he has to file a dismissal claim in case he opts for this.
  • Language : In case the worker has seriously affected your company it is not advisable to use offensive language in the letter Since this can lead to complications in the future, use formal and respectful language.
  • Text editor: For the writing of the letter you must use a text editor powerful with spell checking to avoid grammatical errors, I recommend Microsoft Word processor.
  • Worker rights: Specify at the end of the letter which are the rights that the worker has: you can appeal, you are entitled to monetary compensation for a certain period of time, etc. Consult with your human resources department in case you do not have much knowledge in this area.
  • How to conclude: To finish the letter you must add phrases such as With respect, Cordially, Sincerely, etc., then place your signature and keep the original, delivering a copy of the letter to the worker.

Final recommendations in case of justified dismissals

Ask the employee what he thinks were the underlying causes of his dismissal, perhaps family problems, stress, conflicts with interpersonal relationships in the workplace, illness, take note of everything he says.

You now have everything you need to write a letter of dismissal with all of the law, I just have to wish you luck in this step to take and ask that if you have other advice or doubts, write them below.

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