Example of CLAIM letter to Insurance

It is determined that a letter of claim for sure, it can be prompted by acquiring a bad service where the client feels discontent, either due to the cost or some bad management of the company and it is therefore that it is decided to cancel the insurance. For this reason, an example will be left where a temporary withdrawal or dissatisfaction with the insurer's services is requested.

CLAIM letter to Insurance

Sample insurance claim letter

Caracas, February 12, 2014


Mercantile Insurance, C.A.

Ref.: Claim No. 27-320005098

Dear Sirs

Through this, I am writing to you to express my dissatisfaction, with the proposal offered by recognizing a total of 6,510.00 Bs for compensation, of the accident where I am a third party harmed by the crash of an insured, which was caused under a completely at fault incident; according to the current Land Transit Law which entails a legal responsibility.

As was explicitly verified, said accident caused considerable damage to my car, so according to the expertise of the Transit representative, the total amount of the incident amounts to around 20,000.00.bs. Therefore, as an insurer, you are obliged to indemnify me for 100% of the damages that are in the coverage of the policy, which were caused by your insured. In the same way I will make an annex of the automotive budget, Selasor, C.A. which rises to a total of 24,920.00 bs, even missing the variable value of the inputs.

Again, I make a call to make it clear to you that the proposed amount is deficient in view of the solution of the problem; since I need to fix it urgently and that it remains as it was before the accident, which was produced by your insured, while my car was parked in front of my residence. For the reasons stated above, I request that you reconsider your assessment of the claim and notify me promptly.

Awaiting your prompt response and grateful for your attention.


Carlos Emilio Carreno Bustamante


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