Going through the experience of bad service is something that anyone can go through but in reality very few people decide to send a complaint letter for bad service. This from all points of view is something that compensates the affected person on some level for 2 main reasons:

  1. The fact of being listened to is something that manages to calm the frustration that we often feel when faced with poor service.
  2. In some cases it is possible to obtain an economic benefit greater than the investment or the complete return of the money.

There are people who consider this action useless because they consider it a futile or unpleasant effort that does not have a certain benefit, but you have to look a little further. If you do not raise your complaint, nothing will change and it may be that another person will go through the unpleasant experience that you lived. Some time ago we saw a complaint letter to a newspaper which can also be of help considering this point.

Other times, the steps to follow to raise a claim are unknown. formal letter of complaints and claims due to lack of information from the responsible entity or from the legal bodies that can protect or advise you.

Types of Complaint Letter

  • Complaint letter for poor sales service: If you bought a product and it comes with a defect, or if the person who served you did so rudely or impolitely.
  • Complaint letter for poor warranty service: Whether it is to change a product or validate a guarantee and the person in charge is rude, evasive and refuses the guarantee.
  • Complaint letter for poor service provided: If the labor or any type of service is not what it seems and does not comply with what is established in the contract.
  • Letter of reiteration of Complaint for poor service Provided: When no response is received to the first letter, a second letter is written, addressed to a person of higher rank.

Complaint letter for bad service

The Letter of Complaint is a claim document that is made with the intention of protesting before a company or establishment that has provided us with a bad service, be it sales or contracted services. In this post we will give you examples and a guide to write a Letter of Complaint.

Complaint Letter Example

place of residence (Bold).

State of residence, city and zip code (Bold).

Date of completion of the document.

2 or 3 spaces below, put the name of the person in contact (Bold)

Position or job position of the contact person.

Name of the company or establishment.

Address of the contact person.

State of residence, state and zip code of the contact person.

Dear or estimated, (Name of contact person, Bold):

With this present document, I am writing to notify you that (Date), I bought or acquired a service (Name of the product or service, ASIN or serial number). I made this purchase at your company (Name of the company, date and address of the place).

Unfortunately, your product or service did not meet my expectations (Describe in great detail why the product does not work or fails). Thank you for your best collaboration (Explain the solution you want) to solve this problem.

At the time you receive my letter, I will wait for a response (Time frame) for the resolution of my problem before seeking third party measures. If possible, contact me by replying to the letter or by contacting (Your email, phone number, among others).

In addition, I am attaching copies and proofs of the purchase and any type of transaction that is required (Invoices, receipts, checks, contracts, among other documents in your possession).

I say goodbye, Sincerely:

Your full name.

Identification number.


How to complain through a letter?

Some say that the one who is silent grants and this is why you should complain if you did not receive what you paid for, as a consumer there are laws that protect you and if you are legal, you will surely find a way to win. Many times other means are required to establish the complaint, it depends on the situation, in some cases the treatment must be personal while in others it can be resolved with a simple phone call.

The strategy that is more than proven is a polite and firm letter.

Tips for writing a complaint letter for poor service:

  1. Never use a threatening, angry or sarcastic tone, it is not the way to go, always try to be polite and positive so that the complaint reaches the reader and he can identify with you. Don't try to be emotional, try to be objective.
  2. Find out as much as possible, if you accessed that service through some advertisement or advertisement, it is possible that the things that you would obtain from using that service were clearly detailed. If something is not as it should work then you will have in your hands a tool to establish the claim.
  3. It is important that you take into account the time in which the affectation has elapsedAlthough you have to take a period to think carefully about what you are going to say, all these legal procedures have a certain period of time to establish a claim. Also think that the more time elapses between the claim and the poor service, the less important the complaint will seem.
  4. Always be clear and concise In what you want to let the reader know, the problem must seem simple and clear to be understandable. Many people have writing problems, so it is advisable that if you are one of these, ask a colleague to write the letter for you.
  5. Finally take care of spelling and grammar.

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