Sample CLAIM letter to the telephone company

On considerable occasions, we have canceled a telephone service or product that has left us dissatisfied, or that for some reason does not comply with the conditions it offered us. However, according to statistics they have shown that only 4% of these dissatisfied customers take the trouble to write a letter of complaint or complaints.

It is important to state that those who have carried it out receive compensation for the inconveniences until they have managed to get the money invested cancelled. However, when an individual who has canceled a product or service and has not obtained a satisfactory response, it is best to make a claim in an appropriate manner.

The detail is that, for the most part, those people who have the reasons for the claim do not make it because they lack guidance on the process that must be followed; as well as the entities that can give advice. Below we can see an example of a CLAIM letter to the telephone company

 CLAIM letter to the telephone company

Example CLAIM letter to the telephone company

Dear Misters.

From the International Mobile Telephone Company:

First of all, a cordial greeting, I am a customer of your telephone company under the code: 3123-3452-12435-ESP. Therefore, I notify you that I have contracted the 1500 mobile plan. The reason why I am writing to you is to express my complaint with the service received since it does not meet the necessary quality.

To be more specific, I inform you that in the area of ​​my residence located in the city of Marticas, district 02, coverage tends not to reach much of the time, which prevents me from receiving or making calls; ruling out that the fault comes from the mobile phone, since in other districts the coverage is very satisfactory

I have contacted stores that distribute your brand, which confirms that other customers suffer from the same problem as me. I ask you to solve this matter as soon as possible, since it has been extended for a period of 20 days. It is necessary that they take some measures so that they compensate me for the failure of their service.

I hope to have a satisfactory response from you, since otherwise I will look for a way to direct my complaints to the competent Telecommunications authorities for the improper provision of a basic service.


Luis Manuel Arzola Aquino

CI: 101.215.852

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  1. Example CLAIM letter to the telephone company

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